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Ever since the kids in my family started to use the Internet I have been concerned about their safety while online. I am a Designer/Programmer and Artist/Illustrator. I completed my Bachelor of Multimedia at Griffith in 2006. However my experience in computers goes way back to 80’s when I first started using an Apple computer at High school. Back then you had to use a Basic, a programming language to get your computer to do what you wanted. I also have a Diploma in Systems Administration, and still enjoy rebuilding computers for friends and the needy.

So as you can see, I have a pretty good understanding of the computer world, however many Parents and Carers in Australia have limited skills and experience when it comes to computers. So if I am nervous when my kids use the Internet with all my experience and training, it must be very hard for parents without any prior knowledge.

As Parents we have learnt to accept that the Internet is a very important learning tool for our children, but it is also a somewhat alien world for many, and there are dangers to watch out for. With the help of my ten year old Daughter, nine year old niece and my five, eleven, and thirteen year old nephews, we hope to develop some helpful information for both kids and parents, that will address concerns about keeping our Kids Safe Online.

I had recently started this blog with Blogger but soon discovered that all my links were made to open unsolicited Spam Advertising. Every time I clicked on one of my links it would take me to the link but it would also start up a full page, pop up, advertisement. I had no control over what advertisements were being displayed and since I was making a children’s site I certainly didn’t want any of my young viewers to have an inappropriate Spam Advertisement open when they where trying to learn how to stay safe from such things.

Should I have any ongoing problems like this I will simply buy my own hosting and post the site myself, but until then I hope you can find some useful information to keep you or your child safe online.


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