Safe Search Engines for KIDS

A Search Engine is a Web site with a program that searches for information on the Internet for you. A safe search engine for kids is designed just for kids and only searches for information on safe websites. The best search engines for kids are simple and easy to understand, they are also designed to stop rude or upsetting information. Below I have listed some Kid Safe Search Engines that my kids and I have investigated and think are pretty cool.

Ask for Kids Logo
Ask for Kids is a fun and easy, kid-friendly way to search online.
All you need to do is type a question and press search. Ask for Kids will then provide you with easy to understand answers, designed for all kids.

Awesome Library for kids Logo
Awesome Library for Kids offers you an online library of SCHOOL SUBJECTS such as ENGLISH, MATHS, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES, ARTS, TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH and PE, and LANGUAGES.

They also offer other services in their online library just for FUN. GAMES, FRIENDS, FOR FUN, ADVENTURES, ASK A QUESTION, PROJECTS, NEWS, FOR KIDS, TITLES, AUTHORS, HOMEWORK, and on YOUR TOWN.

The Can't Find Search Engine for Kids and Families Logo.
Cantufind for Kids and Teens
The Cantufind [can’t-you-find] Directory is a large independent ‘Family Safe Search Directory’.
The Kids and Teens section offers a safe environment for you and kids of all ages to search online. They provide links to educational and games sites that are safe for you and your friends.

Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too Logo

Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too Logo
Dib Dab Doo and Dilly to…
A Safe Internet guide & directory for kids and family.

Fact Monster Logo
Fact Monster is a free Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework reference site just for kids! Find homework facts on many subjects, such as sports, entertainment, geography, history, biography, education and health.

Kids Click search engine Logo

KidsClick! Logo
KidsClick is a a web search engine for kids made by Librarians

Yahoo Kids Logo
Yahoo Kids is a Web guide and search engine for kids.
Games, Music, Movies, Ask Earl, Jokes, Sports, E-cards, Horoscopes and Study Zone.

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