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Smiley Faces – Showing Emotions In Text Chat

The smiley face is an incredibly popular text based image for empathising emotional responses for numerous forms of digital communication. Smiley faces are created by typing the required symbols, such as : – ) on your keyboard. Most software will automatically generated a graphical smiley image when you type the required symbols. The Wingdings font also provides a smiley icon.

Many Chat rooms, email and Instant Messaging sites and programs provide an amazing range of amusing smiley face emotions and symbols for free.

The following table contains a small range of Smiley face symbols and meanings. As you can see the software I am using to write my blog also generates automatic graphics, where this has occurred I have separated the symbols with a space. I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

( :- D Big Smile :^) Broken nose :-E Buck-tooth Smiley face
=^.^= Cat C= : -) Chef Smiley face %-( Confused
O.o Confused :*) Drunk smile (:I Egghead
> – ) Evil grin :-! Foot in Mouth :’-) Happy Crying
(((H))) Hugs :-X Kiss on the lips : – D 😀 Laughter
:—–) Long nosed Liar! :-($) Money where your mouth is :@) Pig Smiley face
` : – ) Raised Eyebrow : P 😛 Raspberry Smiley <(-_-)> ; Robot
@-}— Rose @>–;– Rose : ( 😦 Sad Smiley face
: – ( Sad Smiley face with nose :-@ Scream : ) 🙂 Smiley face
: – ) Smiley face with nose :-< Super Sad Smiley face :-& Tongue Tied
{ : – ) Toupee Smiley face :@ What? ; ) 😉 Winking Smiley face
; – ) Winking Smiley face with nose |-O Yawning Smiley face :-0 Yell
O : – ) Angel – Boy O *-) Angel – Girl (\_/)




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